Aug 22, 2023

A Netflix Doc That Isn't About Murder for Once Bludgeons the Top 10

Murder and mayhem aren't the only ways of drawing in a crowd.

Whenever Netflix drops a brand new documentary, more often than not there’s going to need to be a true crime element for it to be a success. However, with influencer culture as insanely popular as it is completely nauseating, it’s no surprise that Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child has debuted as one of the streaming service’s biggest hits.

Per FlixPatrol, the deep dive into the controversial and regularly inflammatory YouTuber, businessman, and tin can obliterator wasted no time in setting up shop as the sixth most-watched feature-length title on the entire content library, having taped up its knuckles and pulverized the Top 10 in 27 nations.

The Paul siblings tend to divide opinion like few other celebrities, but at least the latest chapter in the Untold series acknowledges that fact and interviews subjects from both ends of the spectrum; there are those who believe him to be a deluded marketing machine focused on making headlines and money above all else, as well as the others who believe he’s a genuinely decent dude with a solid fighting resume.

Regardless of where the truth lies – or even where you believe it does – Problem Child has certainly gotten people talking about Jake Paul, which is admittedly something he’ll be plenty used to be now. Sure, documentaries about brutal murders and infamous cults have been hogging all the headlines as per usual, but Netflix’s line of explorations into sports have continued churning out a string of hits in solid succession without having to lean into an alarming amount of death and despair.

Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child