Overview Graphite composite plate is also called enhanced graphite plate or high strength graphite plate is a kind of se


Basic Info.
Combination Washer Packaging All Inclusive
Spring Washer Type Standard
Feature High Performance
Color Gray Black
Trademarks Requirement
Key Word Graphite Composite Plate
Advantage Hard Wearing
Chemical Composition Carbon
Size Customsized
Application Metallurgy Industrial
Place of Origin China
Transport Package Carton, Wooden Case
Specification 1/2"---60"
Trademark CIERNE
Origin China
Production Capacity 5000000
Product Description

Graphite composite plate is also called enhanced graphite plate or high strength graphite plate is a kind of sealing material made of sprint metal tooth plate or metal mesh plate or metal plate and pure graphite paper composite roller. The inner reinforcement materials commonly used for graphite composite plate are SS304 and ss316L, with thickness of 0.05-0.2mm. The forms generally include sprint plate composite reinforcement, net plate composite reinforcement and flat plate composite reinforcement. It has thermal stability, high strength and no cold flow characteristics, can be made into a variety of round and various shapes of complex geometric gasket, such as water gauge gasket, cylinder gasket, exhaust pipe gasket, with the reinforcement of heat exchanger gasket is very widely used.

Performance characteristics: it has good corrosion resistance, high/low temperature resistance, radiation resistance, good compression resilience and high strength, the pre-tightening force required is smaller than the metal gasket and metal wound gasket, the flange surface requirements are not high, is a more economical and practical sealing material.

Use medium: acid, alkali, steam, various solvents and oil, etc.

Application: the sealing parts of flange joints such as pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, air compressors, exhaust pipes, chillers can replace asbestos rubber and non-asbestos sealing materials.

Company Profile

Qingdao CIERNE Mechanical Part founded in 2010,located in beautiful Laoshan disctrict following the high technology of Cierne Slovakia.Our company mainly managed in spiral wound gaskets,PTFE gaskets,high temperature graphite gaskets,expanded PTFE gaskets,filled PTFE sheet,graphite sheet,Non asbestos sheet,disc spring,and other mechanical parts and valve,pump using gland packing.

We have large stock all the year around and we compete with good price,quick delivery, enthusiastic aftersale service to serve our customers around the world. Our all products are widely using in Metallurgy,Chemicals,Petrol Chemical industry,Electric industry,shipbuilding industry and others. We cooperate with main manufactures this field and exports our products to Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,etc and get good feedback.Extremely good sealing performance; Non asbestos gasket working in top temperature upto 800ºC. Production technology in the international leading level, material can help plant save cost.

Our Tenet:

  • Listen carefully to customers requirement.
  • Build products quality with heart.
  • Provide satisfying service with honest
  • Remember good after-sale service is the only reason we live.

Non-Asbestos Paper+ Tinplate +Non Asbestos Paper Composite Sheet for Cylinder Head Gasket Sheet 316+Graphite

  • Raw Material

    The self-developed advanced production equipment meets the diversified demands of products and saves cost and materials for users.

  • Technical Assistance

    Efficient machining center to provide customers with a variety of conventional and unconventional quality sealing components, to speed up the production cycle, improve delivery speed.

  • R & D Capabilities

    We have signed contracts with many express companies, such as Fedex, UPS, TNT, so as to facilitate various transportation needs and make transportation more rapid and convenient.

    Non-Asbestos Paper+ Tinplate +Non Asbestos Paper Composite Sheet for Cylinder Head Gasket Sheet 316+Graphite

Non-Asbestos Paper+ Tinplate +Non Asbestos Paper Composite Sheet for Cylinder Head Gasket Sheet 316+Graphite


Q1. Can you provide factory price?

A: Our products are directly supplied from CIERNE MECHNICAL factory at wholesale price. We will try our best to keep our price competitive in the market.
Q2. How can you guarantee quality?
A: We strictly implement ISO9001 quality system to control product quality.
Always have pre-production sample before mass production.
Always make final inspection before shipment.
We are a professional manufacturer with strong R&D team. CIERNE MECHNICAL equipped with leading laboratory testing equipment and professional testing personnel to ensure the stability of production and quality of products.
Q3. Can I have a sample order?
A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check product quality. Customized sample is also welcomed.
Q4. What is your production lead time?
A: For mass production lead time, normally is 2-4 weeks after order confirmation according to volume and planning.
Q5. What is your mode of transportation and what about the transportation time?
A: For small sample delivery by courier, DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT usually takes 3-5 days to arrive.
For mass production cargo, airline and sea shipment generally take 7-45 days to arrive.
Above is in general condition and varies due to transportation distance and national policy.

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