Aug 16, 2023

People are only just realising you can open a tin can using just a spoon

A life hacks expert has shared how you can still open a comforting can of soup even if your tin opener is nowhere to be found, all thanks to a nifty spoon trick - but you'll need to be extremely careful

No kitchen cupboard would be complete without a few emergency cans of food, perfect for nights when all you fancy is a plate of beans of toast or a soothing bowl of soup and don't want to run out into the rain for supplies. Of course, this can prove easier said than done at times when you simply can't find your tin opener.

Now a savvy life hacks expert has revealed how you can still crack open your favourite tin of spaghetti hoops using nothing but a spoon. This could of course be very useful in case of an emergency, or during a camping trip, but you'll need to be extremely careful indeed when it comes to the "sharp and jagged edge" of the tin.

In a helpful YouTube video, vlogger @DaveHax demonstrated how he was able to open a tin of sweetcorn by "nice and firmly" gripping an ordinary desert spoon in the palm of your hand, before holding onto the can "and rubbing the spoon back and forward while pushind down, nice and hard, to make a groove" on one side.

In a vid that's clocked up more than 49,000 likes and counting, DaveHax advised: "Keep going, and you should pierce a hole, right through the top." Showing viewers the cut top, the smart user then instructed them to use the edge of their spoon to slowly slice right the way through the lid, folding this over once you get far enough.

He went on to caution: "Of course, opening a can like this does make a really sharp and jagged edge so you do need to be really careful. If you're gonna try it, you do need to be cautious, and you might want to consider wearing safety gloves."

One impressed follower commented: "Unbelievably, this hack does actually work. I was camping with four friends and we had some tinned food for dinner, but no tin opener. They were proper tins, not like the one in this video, but I told them any way that I would open the tins with a spoon, and incredibly, managed to do so. Cue four very impressed and grateful friends, who would have otherwise not had anything to eat. It does take quite a bit of effort, but hunger is a wonderful motivator!"

Another wrote: "I might just start crying. You saved my night. Stupid day at work and forgot my can opener snapped. Most of what I want to make meatball sandwiches is in a can (sauce and diced tomato/pepper mix). Thank you so much. As sad as this is, you saved my night. I had resigned myself to c***** TV dinners after being excited to have these sandwiches all day."

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