Jul 25, 2023

ACC media days 2023: Pitt's Pat Narduzzi calls for 'lid' on NIL deals amid mounting complaints from coaches

It's been two years since the NCAA lifted its ban on name, image, and likeness [NIL] compensation for student-athletes, but concerns regarding that sector of college sports are still widespread. Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi took aim at that issue Wednesday at ACC Football Kickoff, pitching that schools should have a "lid" on NIL deals -- similar to a salary cap in professional sports -- to curb competitive advantages for schools with larger alumni bases.

Narduzzi made it clear where Pitt stands on size concerns for alumni groups and how that can affect NIL collectives. He also emphasized the impacts of the transfer portal, which undergraduates can use to change institutions once without penalty.

"We're going to have smallclass sizes and we're going to small alumni groups as they matriculate through the University of Pittsburgh," Narduzzi said. "So I think there's got to be a lid on the [NIL deals]. If you're going to leave the transfer portal open, there's got to be a salary cap so people can't go overspend."

Pitt's coach since 2015, Narduzzi isn't a stranger to voicing concerns and frustrations on some of the more polarizing topics in college sports. More than once, Narduzzi has expressed criticism with the transfer portal, including a critique of Colorado coach Deion Sanders' massive roster overhaul in the spring.

Narduzzi becomes the latest college coach to voice NIL concerns as conferences continue to hold their respective football media days. Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin voiced NIL concerns of his own at SEC Media Days, telling reporters the current framework of NIL rules is detrimental to the future of college football.

Concerns similar to Narduzzi's have prompted the potential for federal legislation aimed at solving issues from the current framework of NIL rules. Narduzzi's "lid" suggestion comes less than 24 hours after Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville and West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin issued a bill that, if passed, would require more transparency on NIL deals across the country. The bill also included a provision requiring student-athletes to spent three years of residency at an institution before transferring without penalty.