Mar 01, 2024

An Old Egg Carton Is The Secret To Attracting More Birds To Your Yard

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Before you get rid of that empty egg carton in your kitchen, consider repurposing it into something really wonderful, like transforming it into a buffet for the birds visiting your yard. They'll love it for several reasons. First of all, the carton's wide surface makes it easy for several birds to visit the feeder at the same time. More space at the feeder means less competition for food. There's also plenty of room for the birds to perch, offering them a place to have a firm foothold while they eat is essential to making them comfortable. In addition, the separate compartments in the carton make it possible to offer different types of food, which will attract different varieties of birds.

Another reason that birds will love your feeder is because it's like a platform feeder, which many birds prefer to a tube or a hopper style. This open container allows them to hunt and peck for their favorite foods, which is similar to how they forage on the ground for nuts and seeds. Of course, the advantage of suspending it off the ground means that each bird can hunt to its heart's delight far away from the threat of predators. With a comfortable place to perch and all their favorite foods laid out in a convenient display, your new bird feeder will become the talk of the neighborhood.

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Create your birdfeeder by following a few simple steps. Begin by cutting the egg carton in half and disposing of the lid — many egg cartons are made of cardboard material that can be recycled. Next, use your pair of scissors or a knife to poke two holes in each end of the egg carton. Take care that the holes are not too close to the edge of the container so that they won't tear easily. You want your feeder to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a few cups of birdseed as well as several birds at the same time.

Once you've created the holes in the ends of the carton, it's time to thread a long piece of string or twine at each end. One tip is to use fishing line instead as a way to prevent ants or other pests from reaching the food in the feeder. Once you've threaded the lines through the holes, tie them in a knot at each end of the egg carton, then join them together in one knot over the feeder. At this point, give some thought as to the kind of food you want to put in the cups, as well as which birds it might attract.

Almost all birds who enjoy nuts and seeds will appreciate black-oil sunflower seeds, which have a thin shell and are easy to open. Fill a few cups of the feeder with cracked corn or peanuts, which are also popular treats for most birds. Nyjer seed is a favorite of goldfinches, and providing dried fruit in your buffet will attract waxwings, mockingbirds, and robins. Fill one of the cups with jelly, and you might see orioles come for a visit. It's even possible to buy jelly made specifically for birds on Amazon, sweetened with real fruit and sugar rather than corn syrup. Some birds who prefer to eat insects rather than bird seed will be attracted to a feeder that provides them with mealworms. Yum! Mealworms are high in fat and protein, and are a special treat for bluebirds.

The advantage of using an egg carton as a feeder is that it can easily be discarded and replaced after the mealworms and jelly have been enjoyed. Or simply fill it with dry items such as chopped peanuts, corn, and sunflower seeds and refill it again and again. Hang it from a branch or on the side of the house, and enjoy the flurry of activity. Creating a bird feeder that has a comfortable perch and offers an assortment of food will draw a variety of feathery friends to your backyard.