Aug 28, 2023

Child's annoying airplane outfit keeps everyone awake

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The look on his face says it all. He’s smiling smugly and staring directly at the camera as the rest of the plane look on in disbelief.

The boy knows he’s being super annoying, but no one says or does anything – not even his dad sitting next to him.

Despite kids on planes already having a reputation for being problematic, the boy’s dad doesn’t seem to care about his son keeping the entire cabin awake with his bright and flashing glow-in-the-dark costume.

You can’t help but laugh when you watch the video – but God, we’d go full Karen if we were on that flight.

Picture this: you’re on an overnight flight, ready to have a snooze, or trying to.

You’ve got your neck pillow and your headphones at the ready.

And then, the cabin lights up with fluorescent strobe lights.

You try and find the source of the mysterious flashing and then you see a little boy peeking over his seat and he’s wearing a colourful flashing rabbit hat.

Yep, you read that correctly. A flashing rabbit hat that has rainbow LED bunny ears that move up and down when they’re pulled, to be precise.

If you can’t picture this bizarre piece of headwear, don’t stress. Someone managed to capture a video of it and posted it on Instagram.

Naturally, everyone on board the flight looks pretty unimpressed in the video. The clip now has 280k views and nearly 6k comments, with everyone agreeing they’d be super pissed too.

“If the parent refuses to take that off the child then the child is going to learn the truth about Santa, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy all in under six minutes,” joked one person.

Another had medical concerns for those on board: “May cause an epileptic to have seizures, so it’s not cute. Educate yourself and your kids. The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

“Sick of people who don’t control their children in public spaces,” slammed a third.

Another echoed: “Parents need to be told that the whole world doesn’t have to tolerate their children.”

And this commenter concluded, “This is why we need the option for a no-kids flight when booking.”

“This is plain rude,” another person simply stated.

And finally, this woman wrote: “As a flight attendant I’d say put that it away. There are people trying to rest, read, watch a movie etc. Also, there are people with disabilities, and this can be incredibly annoying and irritating for them.

“Leave stuff like this for home or amusement parks. Not in a tiny tin can at 30 000ft in the air. Some folks have sensitive eyes please consider others around you.”

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