Aug 14, 2023

Get the Cutest Herb Garden With Simple Tin Can DIY

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We all want cute ways to display our flowers or herbs, especially if we've grown them and tended to them ourselves! Luckily there are plenty of ways that you can not only display your beauties but also help save our planet by taking what others might see as simply trash and turning them into absolute treasures! All you need is a bit of inspiration (and supplies) from Plaid Crafts and some tin cans and you'll have the perfect DIY in no time!

The very first thing you are going to want to do when it comes to this DIY, beyond having some flowers or herbs that you want to repot and display, is to get yourself some tin cans. Most of us already have some lying around, whether waiting for the recycling or because you opened them for dinner, so gather them together, take off any paper that might be left on them, and give them a good clean.

Next, come up with some cute designs. You can either find some online or just let your imagination go wild. Pick colors that are bright and cheerful, or blend in with the rest of your aesthetic, and paint directly onto the cans. I'd also suggest drilling or poking a few holes into the bottom of the tin to create some drainage. You can also use tiny herb signs and some mod-podged on paper to create cute signage to go into your newly painted tins as well!

And that is literally it! The last step is just to replant your herbs or flowers into their new homes and put them on display. Hang them from trees, plop them up on a sunny shelf, whatever and wherever you feel like showing them off!