Jun 22, 2023

Swap Out Flavored Creamer And Just Add Chocolate Milk To Your Coffee

How many of us truly believe black coffee tastes delicious? While there are exceptions, especially for the self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs of the world, not many people would turn down a delicious cup of hot coffee perfectly curated with the right amount of cream and sugar. But for those who've sworn off coffee creamer or just want an alternative, you might want to consider adding a healthy dose of chocolate milk to your morning brew.

Not only is chocolate milk delicious in a glass by itself, but this drinkable dessert can also be used to amp up the flavor of your morning java without any hidden ingredients or flavors. The best part about adding chocolate milk to coffee is that everything you need is right there in that small jug or half-gallon of milky sweetness.

While coffee creamer does have some positive attributes, realistically, flavored creamers typically don't come with multiple uses besides coffee enhancement. Chocolate milk serves as a favored beverage, an ice cream ingredient, and now, an alternative coffee creamer. And the best part about choosing chocolate milk over flavored creamer is the fact that you can adjust this dairy product to fit your coffee-specific needs.

The fact that there's usually more than one variety of chocolate milk available at most grocery stores showcases how this sweet drink can be easily customizable for your morning cup of joe. (You also know, for the most part, what you're getting when you buy a quart of chocolate milk; even the healthiest coffee creamers might have an ingredient or two you can't pronounce.)

You could also opt for chocolate milk made with 1% milk or skim milk, which has less than half the amount of fat in traditional whole milk. Regardless of the fat content, you can rest assured that you're increasing your protein and calcium intake by using this kid-approved drink of choice instead of flavored creamer.

If you're hoping to skip dairy altogether, you can also buy a variety of non-dairy chocolate milk at retail stores. Target, for example, carries not only a dark chocolate almond milk variety but also chocolate milk made with water and pea protein.

Now that you've been persuaded to use chocolate milk to spruce up your coffee, you can make a glass right at home if you're missing those specialty-flavored coffee creamers.

Besides ditching the additives that come with commercialized creamers, such as vegetable oil and artificial flavors, you may want to make an additive-free chocolate milk. The best part about making chocolate milk is the underlying freedom to add as much cocoa powder or chocolate syrup as you'd like until you're satisfied with the flavor of your newfound coffee accompaniment. Feel free to experiment by adding real dark chocolate, a mixture of cocoa powder and maple syrup, or classic chocolate syrup from a squeeze bottle.

If you're still craving the flavor of those signature coffee creamers, feel free to amp up your chocolate milk and make Nutella milk instead. You can also play around with different flavor extracts, such as almond, coconut, or orange, to give your chocolate milk a specialty flavor similar to your favorite coffee creamer. Whichever chocolate milk recipe or product you decide to use, chocolate milk is the perfect alternative to traditional coffee creamer.