Mar 25, 2024

These popular beverage can lids are on sale at Amazon

Whether you're a soda sipper, energy drink guzzler, beer imbiber or sparkling water chugger, there's one issue you've surely run into while consuming your fizzy drink of choice: it goes flat in just a few hours! Without those crisp bubbles, there's really no point in finishing the now-lukewarm beverage at hand — but these Smarter-Seal Can Lids are about to change all of that. Not only do they extend the life of canned carbonated drinks, they also help prevent spills and keep insects out. Plus, they're on sale at Amazon for just $2 each. Cheers to that!

How seltzer got its groove back.

On a hot day, there's nothing like popping open a cold can of your favorite bubbly beverage and drinking to your heart's content. But some of us are slower sippers than others, and before we've even finished half the can, it's already lost its zing. No one likes drinking flat soda, and having to toss it out is disappointing and wasteful. But the Smarter-Seal Can Lids offer a simple, affordable solution.

They're designed to fit on most any standard-sized can top — just snap it on and you're good to go. Its flip-top design lets you easily cover up your drink between sips so it'll stay fresh, but also keep it from spilling and act as a barrier between your beverages and bugs. The only thing worse than a flat soft drink is swallowing a beetle!

The BPA-free plastic is top-shelf dishwasher safe, and if you have kids or grandkids, well, we're guessing you already added this to your cart a few minutes ago. Think you'll be needing a lot of these? (Same.) You can buy them in packs of up to 24!

Over 7,000 Amazon customers were so impressed by the Smarter-Seal Can Lids, they gave them a perfect rating:

"They work great!" exclaimed an excited enthusiast. "They are easy to use and they keep my Diet Cokes from going flat. I felt like I was wasting money if I didn't finish the entire can and ended up throwing away the remaining liquid. Now I can drink as much as I want, put the lid on it and it keeps its fizz! There is nothing worse than a flat soda! I have been using for a few months now and am very pleased."

"I love this," shared a satisfied shopper. "I have some small grandkids that play and knock things down. When I used this, the soda was knocked over but didn't spill ... the leak-proof [feature] really works, super easy to clean. I have arthritis and I can easily remove the top."

"As a vacation rental company, my partner and I are constantly going here and there, outside, inside, everywhere," wrote a rave reviewer. "Needless to say, we bring drinks along with us. The problem is that there are flies and bees around and they do make it into our cans occasionally. If you’ve ever taken a drink out of a can, just to have a dead (or God forbid, ALIVE) bug end up in your mouth, you’d understand why we needed these lids ... They fit tight so the drink doesn’t leak, they keep bugs out and they’re easy to clean and keep handy!"

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