Jun 27, 2023

Why hasn't Lift Bridge Brewing made a THC drink yet?

By Jason Rantala

August 27, 2023 / 6:13 PM / CBS Minnesota

STILLWATER, Minn. – THC-infused beverages have become increasingly popular for local breweries ever since they were legalized last year.

But a city ordinance is keeping a major brewery from joining the ranks.

Lift Bridge Brewing Company has been a staple in Minnesota craft brewing for 15 years. They're known for their approachable take on craft beers and seltzers.

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But one thing not on tap at their Stillwater taproom: THC-infused beverages, which have quickly filled the market over the past year, as some turn away from beer and opt for alcohol alternatives.

"Well, it's really a response to the market, you know, that's what we do with beer, really with beer styles. We're responding to what the market wants. Different, changing pallets," said Lift Bridge Brewing co-owner Brad Glynn.

Glynn said they cannot produce what the market wants, despite frequent customer requests.

"It happens every day, every hour of every day, really," he said.

Since the THC-infused drinks and edibles became legal in the state last year, the city of Stillwater has outlawed the manufacturing of THC products. Glynn is hoping that changes.

According to Stillwater City Attorney Kori Land, the city has concerns over things like odor and noise during THC beverage production, especially with homes nearby. Land said the city needs more information.

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"THC beverages [are] no different, there will be no odor produced. We're not processing hemp here, we're actually just taking a liquid extraction of that hemp product," Glynn said.

Land says the city will meet with Glynn and Lift Bridge at an upcoming city council meeting on Sept. 5. If all goes well, Glynn said they could be ready to sell THC drinks within a matter of months.

Glynn said he is open to educating city officials about their THC drink-making processes.

"A lot of other breweries in the state are producing THC beverages now and people are loving it, so we can't wait to throw our hat in the ring," he said.

First published on August 27, 2023 / 6:13 PM

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